Partnership Explorer

Shareablee’s Partnership Explorer is the first product of its kind to give real insights into the branded content landscape, giving your team the upper hand in planning and executing leading campaigns.

  • Identify the right creator and publisher partners for your campaign, to ensure maximum reach, media efficiency and ROI
  • Understand how the competition is allocating their budget and spend across industry verticals to identify new opportunities
  • Measure the impact and effectiveness of each branded content campaign in real-time, from core social KPIs to shifts in behavior, attitudes and consumer sentiment
  • Uncover the real strengths of your active social audience, from the advertiser’s perspective, so you can ensure successful partner pitches
  • Showcase your key metrics and engaging quality of your branded videos, relative to industry benchmarks
  • Gather insights into branded content strategies to understand best practices for pitching, benchmarking performance, and driving ROI with campaigns

Unprecedented advertiser intelligence

With Partnership Explorer, users have never-before seen insights into understanding which Industry advertisers are activating branded content initiatives, as well as an unmatched ability for analyzing branded content from both advertiser and publisher perspectives.

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