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Bringing True Creative and innovative social media measurement to the world

Our Story

Shareablee was founded in February 2013 when Tania Yuki saw a new frontier emerging across social media. She was convinced that social data would fundamentally change how companies communicate and do business and dedicated herself to understanding what makes social content succeed.

Since then, Shareablee has evolved from three people in Tania’s living room to a dynamic company of 60+ that boasts the world’s largest system of brand performance data across social platforms and industry-standard metrics that help our client partners win on social.

We're driving and encouraging value on social and supporting integrity in the industry.

Monitoring more than 1M global companies and 9M+ influencers, Shareablee is the global authority on audience intelligence, competitive benchmarking and actionable insights, with clients in 16 countries.

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Shareablee partners with the big data players of the internet such as;

  • Bloomberg Data Partner, Bloomberg Alternative Data Partner
  • Facebook Measurement Partnership
  • Official Social Analytics Partner of Comscore
  • Microsoft Big Data Partner
  • Official IRI Partner

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