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Measuring What Matters in Social Media

We are wired to love BIG and to believe that bigger is better. But in the case of measuring social media, our fixation with BIG can sometimes drive us to misleading results. Just focusing on the number of fans or followers does not indicate the true size and value of a brand’s social community. There […]

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What’s The ‘Open Rate’ Of Your Social Content?

Your fans and followers have opted in to your brand’s communications, much like a social mailing list. But this mailing list is hard to reach, and many messages don’t make it through the “spam” filter. It’s difficult to imagine your wonderful social content ending up on the cutting-room floor of your fans’ consciousness or that […]

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What do people LIKE about the most disliked brands in the US?

Very few people LOVE their cable or satellite provider. Five of the top fifteen most disliked brands in America are satellite or cable companies. Yet, more than 10 million Americans LIKE them on Facebook. And no, it’s not for the freebies (there are very few), incentives (most MVPD’s avoid acquisition offers because they’re unclear on […]

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