See Which Ads Won The Battle for Super Bowl Buzz

Published on Feb 3rd, 2014

The Super Bowl is not only one of the biggest sporting events each year in the U.S. but is also one of the largest television events. The previous three Super Bowls had over 100 million viewers each !

Aside from being a big night for Seahawks and the Broncos, the Super Bowl also represents one of the biggest platforms for brands to get their messages out to fans each year. This year was no different. With a huge number of viewers and the longest lead up ever (ads were previewed during the playoffs), the event generates huge exposure at a hefty price tag ($4 million for a 30 second clip) and a ton of social media buzz.

To see who gets the best return on their investment, we’re ready to reveal the brands that generated the most substantial buzz on social media:

Budweiser, Microsoft, Bud Light and Pepsi clearly take the lead in terms of Total Actions across both Facebook and Twitter. Microsoft dominated with 8.5x the Total Actions of the category average.

In terms of Shares/Retweets, Microsoft, Budweiser, Pepsi and Bud Light again take the lead, emphasizing the power of a viral TV ad to make it's mark on both social media platforms.  Microsoft dominates this time with a big lift from their followers on Super Bowl night.  Microsoft had 13x the Amplification of the category average and almost double that of Budweiser, who came in second.

And the winner is..... BUDWEISER!

Budweiser's commercial in the 4th quarter entitled "Puppy Love" pushed the beer maker to the top of the ad rankings this year.  The heart-warming story of a puppy and a horse's friendship showed that sentimentality trumped humor in this year's Super Bowl ad war.

For brands, shareable content is important to generating organic growth on their page. Shares on Facebook and Retweets on Twitter have the capability of expanding a brand’s reach to people who may not already follow or like their pages. To note the importance of this, look no further than the Arby’s tweet during the Grammys.

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