Winter Olympics 2014 - The Road to Sochi

Published on Mar 4th, 2014

Winter Olympics 2014 - The Road to Sochi

As athletes from 88 nations descend upon the Russian city of Sochi for the 2014 Winter Olympic Games, Shareablee is profiling the teams with the most engaged fans.  We looked at social media analytics data for 92 Sochi Olympics-related Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts from 59 properties to see who had the most patriotic fans in the month leading up to the opening ceremony.

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Key Stats

All the properties accounted for 5.4M total actions across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in the month leading up to the opening ceremonies tonight.

The top performing accounts on each platform were NBC Olympics on Facebook (1.8M Actions) and The Olympic Games on Twitter (73k Actions) and Instagram (355k)

The NBC Olympics page was the best performing overall, pulling in 2M Total Actions across all three social media platforms.

The US Olympic Team garnered the most Total Actions of any individual country, with 577k total.

Japan, while only active on Facebook, pulled in the second highest Total Actions of any country, with 338k.

Olympics Most Social Social Platform - Facebook

Facebook was the platform of choice for Olympics-related accounts. All 59 properties we surveyed had Facebook pages, while only 17 had Twitter and 16 had Instagram.  75% of engagement came from Facebook, with Twitter having 7% and Instagram at 18%.

Reviewing the category averages,  Instagram saw higher average Actions per team than either Facebook or Twitter, though only 27% of teams had Instagram set up.

Whos getting the Most Engaging gold on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram?

We looked at posts from all three social media channels to determine who had the most engaging individual performance.

On Facebook, NBC Olympics’ declaration of “ It’s here! Olympics begin tonight 8/7C on NBC. SHARE if you’re ready!” brought in over 745k Likes, 132k Shares and 38k Comments.  Fans can’t wait to watch all the Olympic coverage NBC will provide over the next few weeks.

Canadians rallied around their favorite sport as the Hockey Canada Twitter account had the top post (8.4k Retweets and 3.7k Favorites). Martin St-Louis is most certainly an exciting, addition to the team.  He was a member of the winning team in the 2004 World Cup of Hockey, and played in the 2006 Winter Olympics. He has played in the NHL since 1997 and is currently with the Tampa Bay Lightning.

On Instagram, The Olympic Games page struck gold with a picture of a very cool, very colorful Sochi 2014 branded ski jacket with 16k Likes and 500 Comments.  Looks like our athletes will be looking trendy when they hit the slopes this weekend.

Best of luck to the athletes that will be vying for the gold this year.  We look forward to watching the opening ceremony!

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