While audience engagement with brands on Facebook increases in Brazil, brands mysteriously pull back

Published on Oct 25th, 2014

As Social Media Week is underway here in Sao Paulo, Tania Yuki, CEO of Shareablee, and Alex Banks, Managing Director of comScore in Brazil, revealed some fascinating new data on the Brazilian social media audience. Audience engagement with brand communications across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram grew significantly during the last year, showing percentage increases of 71%, 182% and 403%, respectively. Shareablee defines audience engagement as any kind of unique interaction such as shares, comments, likes, retweets etc. However, even with these impressive audience engagement increases, brand communication levels appear to be flat.

“It's a very exciting time for brands across social media right now in Brazil. More than ever, audiences are revealing a willingness and strong interest in engaging and sharing brand content, creating many more opportunities to build awareness, trust and ultimately sales. I feel we're not even close to reaching the peak. For example, even when brands posted less on Facebook since the start of this year, audiences have responded by engaging more,” according to Tania. “This is a huge opportunity, particularly for publishers, retail and CPG brands, which have performed most strongly in Brazil since the start of 2014.”

Data from comScore underscores the size and opportunity social media represents for brands and content producers here in Brazil.  In July 2014, almost 90% of the Internet audience (15 years of age and older, PC/laptop access only) in Brazil visited a social media website, with this category’s audience averaging more than 12 hours a month inside the category. In July 2014, these visitors also averaged 37 visits per month to social media websites, and were responsible for 45 billion minutes spent, more than 10% of the total time spent in the category globally.


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