Who will take the Senate on Election Day?

Published on Nov 3rd, 2014

Ten key races will decide who is going to take control of the Senate on November 4. If share of voice on social media is any indication, then Republicans will sweep the mid-term elections.

Shareablee has compiled data on social engagement for each candidate in these ten key states. In particular, we looked at each candidate’s Facebook account and their unique engaged audience. According to recent Pew Research findings , of Americans who follow political figures on social media, 62% are more likely to encourage their friends to support a candidate or issue at the polls vs. 39% for those who don’t. With that in mind, will those who engage with the page be more likely to come out to vote on Election Day?

The winning candidates by unique engaged audience on their Facebook pages are below.

Sourced by Shareablee on 11/3/14

Based on this data, a couple of the races are a little too close to call, particularly Georgia, Arkansas and Alaska. However, if this correlation is correct, it looks as though the Republicans may be able to take control of the Senate.

Republicans – 6 Seats
Democrats – 3 Seats
Independents – 1 Seat

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