Social Best Practices for the Restaurant and Beverage Industries

Published on Nov 11th, 2014

Shareablee recently presented two webinars on the state of social in the restaurant industry and the state of social in the beverage industry. We took an in-depth look into these industries’ social activity and what advertisers have to gain by utilizing industry best practices.

Looking through the industries’ 2014 activity and engagement data, we noticed several similarities in their posting practices, and which types of content produced the most engagement. Using this data, we’ve compiled best practices that restaurants and beverage brands can follow to up their audience engagement on social.

  1. Photos work for restaurants; videos engage the beverage industry. On Facebook, photos are the leading driver for engagement in the restaurant industry; but videos still need to catch up. However, the beverage industry has more than doubled its engagement with video posts, as well as seeing a slight lift in photo engagement.

  2. Calls to comment perform better than you might think.
    Across both industries, asking questions was a primary practice, as well as the main driver for audience engagement. All of the categories in both industries secondarily posted “call to website” posts. This resulted in the second highest engagement rates across the board, except with casual and fine dining restaurants, which had higher engagement with “call to comment” posts.

  3. Capture the moment.
    Including questions on Facebook, links on Twitter and hashtags on Instagram was tied to more audience engagement. Alcohol was the exception, with photos driving the majority of content engagement on Twitter. See the chart below for restaurant and beverage industry average stats and engagement percentages.

Here are some of top social content pieces by engagement in the restaurant and beverage industries for 2014:

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