Will the Odds Be in The Hunger Games’ Favor This Weekend?

Published on Nov 21st, 2014

During its opening weekend one year ago, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire brought in $161.1 million . That month, the Hunger Games Facebook account hit its highest engagement ever, with over 4.7 million actions brought on by 3.6 million unique engaged users.

With part one of the series finale opening today, their Facebook account engagement has dropped 44% to 2.6 million actions this month attributed to 1.9 million unique users. Could this be an indicator of audience turnouts in theatres this weekend?

Though their Facebook audience engagement has dropped, their Instagram engagement has been on the rise. Compared to last November when the second part of the series debuted, The Hunger Games ’ Instagram audience engagement has grown over 38%, reaching its highest point ever at 3.6 million actions in the past month. Their top performing Instagram post ever was a photo of Jennifer Lawrence (aka Katniss Everdeen) arriving at the movie premiere on November 17th.

So what do you think: could the decrease in Facebook engagement or the increase in Instagram engagement be an indicator for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay movie’s turnout this weekend?

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