Social Best Practices for the Automotive Industry

Published on Dec 11th, 2014

We recently presented the Shareablee State of Social: Automotive webinar , showing that social share of voice grew 28% from January 2014 to November 2014 amongst Automotive pages. Twitter experienced a dramatic 224% audience engagement growth, Instagram grew 178% and Google+ increased by 99%. However, engagement for all other categories grew by 102% in the same timeframe, indicating an opportunity for the automotive industry to think about ways to use social media to multiply this share of voice and drive referral traffic.

The top ten brands represent 61% of all activity across the automotive industry, indicating room for more brands to gain share of voice. We’ve compiled best practices of these top brands that contributed to the rise of their audience engagement this year.

  1. Promote fans personal photos.

Photos drive the most social engagement for both the luxury and non-luxury automotive categories. Facebook videos, links and statuses have low engagement compared to how often automotive brands post that type of content. Brands, like Audi, see their highest engagement numbers when they post their fans’ Facebook and Instagram photos.

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  1. Leverage big-name events for social gain.

The World Cup, and Germany subsequently winning, provided the key to Volkswagen’s social success. The brand introduced the Golf GTI by tying it in with the World Cup theme, and touted German engineering after Germany won the Cup. Events and sponsorships present significant opportunities for automotive brands to use social media as an amplifier for their marketing strategies.

  1. Auto is perfect for Instagram.

30% of all engagement came from Instagram, compared with 14% for last year. This shows that the automotive industry has adapted well to Instagram , a visual-oriented platform. Since January, Mercedes-Benz’s engagement on Instagram has grown over 260%. They consistently use #luxury and their Instagram photos embody luxuriousness.

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Click to access the full Shareablee State of Social: Automotive presentation . If you would like a walkthrough of the presentations and data, please contact .

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