What You Need to Know About Instagram Deactivating Spammy Accounts

Published on Dec 23rd, 2014

by Tania Yuki

Recently, Instagram announced that it would be removing spam accounts in an effort to enhance the platform’s social experience. Some accounts would see a change in follower counts, it warned, as part of its goal to keep conversations authentic. We like to think of this as ‘spring cleaning’. No matter how careful many brands have been in building quality communities on Instagram, there is a strong chance that you have been followed by spammers, and this is an opportunity to be free of this kind of inauthentic ‘engagement’.

At Shareablee, we believe that focusing on the number of fans or followers does not indicate the true size and value of a brand’s social community. Audience-centric metrics that track the quality activity and interactions with a brand’s social audience gives brands a better understanding of their social performance, allowing them to experiment, analyze and improve on their social strategies.

For brands and publishers who have spent massive time and resources building up their social communities on Instagram, this change allows them to get a better sense of their audience, including the content they want to interact with. And, with a fine-tuned strategy tailored to what their followers want, brands can turn true followers into loyal advocates, increase customer interactions and significantly improve marketing performance.

Just as we noted when Facebook announced changes to its News Feed , anytime an emerging media begins to mature, there is a natural leveling out of best practices. Having authentic conversations with your target audience is the foremost function of any social platform. By removing spam accounts from follower counts, Instagram retains its value to the consumer and enhances the platform experience--for consumers and brands.

All of our clients continue to see dramatic growth in social engagement with Instagram, with some of our partners reaching their highest levels of engagement this year. In fact, engagement on Instagram has grown an impressive 136% in 2014, and with just over 30% of U.S. brands having Instagram accounts, the platform shows no immediate signs of slowing down.

In the past year and a half, Instagram has continued to enhance the experience for consumers and brands by launching a video feature, sponsored ads , and most recently, sponsored video. As Instagram becomes more integral to a brand’s social mix, we anticipate more changes to come in 2015 and will closely monitor these developments in partnership with the industry.

Please feel free to contact info@shareablee.com with any questions you have regarding how this may impact your brand.

- Tania Yuki, CEO and Founder of Shareablee

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