Social Best Practices from the CPG Industry

Published on Feb 12th, 2015

In 2014, the CPG industry’s social activity grew by 34% compared to 2013 in the US, driven by a 186% and 191% growth on Twitter and Instagram, respectively. The average CPG brands received 17.3 million social media impressions per month on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

As a follow-up to Shareablee’s State of the CPG Industry on Social webinar on February 10, we’ve pulled together some best practices that have socially propelled these CPG brands to the top. The top social CPG brands by category can be viewed below.

Here are some of the best practices driving the leading brands’ social growth.

Tips, Tricks and Tutorials
Recipes are at the forefront of the CPG brands’ use of How To’s to activate their social audiences. The majority of Betty Crocker, Oreo and Pillsbury’s top social posts feature creative and hunger-inducing images, as well as links to recipes for a little DIY enjoyment. Other brands, like Huggies and Ziploc, found creative ways to utilize this strategy, beyond recipes, by posting tips and tutorials for their audience to enjoy.

809 Likes | 634 Comments

57,863 Likes | 1,350 Comments | 12,312 Shares

One Word: Video!
Since January 2014, engagement on the CPG industry’s posts containing videos has gone up 103%, directly correlating with the 77% increase of video posts across social.

Red Bull, Rockstar Energy Drink and Monster Energy use videos in their social strategy and ended up winning the top three most socially engaged beverage brands overall, as well as on Instagram. Also, videos posted by CPG brands showing their support for a cause, and encouraging support from their audience, ranked among the brands’ top posts of 2014.

88,549 Likes | 2,456 Comments | 30,458 Shares


370 Retweets | 607 Favorites

People Love Free Products
Elmer’s is one of the top CPG brands on Twitter, consistently posting contests and sweepstakes to encourage audience participation. This strategy has driven the brand to grow 88% Y/Y on Twitter. Several brands across the CPG industry, from Gerber to Benefit Cosmetics, used this strategy and saw massive social success. Coupons and free product offerings also perform well socially for several CPG subcategories, appearing in the top social posts for multiple brands.

1,029 Retweets | 112 Favorites

33,759 Likes | 10,820 Comments

49,850 Likes | 1,900 Comments | 16,338 Shares


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