Social Best Practices from House of Cards

Published on Mar 2nd, 2015

Netflix’s hit original series, House of Cards , came out with a social bang during its debut week, capturing 47% more social engagement compared to its debut week in 2014. This growth is driven by a 45% increase on Facebook, 14% on Twitter and 134% on Instagram. See the social best practices that House of Cards utilized to propel its social strategy.

  1. Social Video Prevails
    With engagement on video posts outpacing available content in 2014, many brands, TV shows and publishers are eager to include video as part of their social content strategy; and House of Cards is no exception. Several of the show’s top social posts across all social platforms contained video promoting the season premiere. Clever and chilling captions accompanied these video clips and trailers, further engaging social audiences. The top post for the show garnered over 1.7M Facebook video views.

52,842 Likes | 2,320 Comments | 20,102 Shares

4,922 Retweets | 4,160 Favorites

6,050 Likes | 572 Comments

  1. Countdowns Drive Audience Participation
    House of Cards kept its viewers updated with social countdown posts, and saw huge social engagement numbers as a result. The amplification (shares and retweets) on this content also ranked among the highest of all social posts and tweets during the show’s debut week.

2,984 Retweets | 1,923 Favorites

36,209 Likes | 1,348 Comments | 8,006 Shares

8,839 Likes | 272 Comments

  1. Content Type Trumps Post Quantity
    Compared to Season 2’s debut week, House of Cards posted 48% less on social during Season 3’s debut week, yet saw a 47% increase in social actions. None of Season 2’s top promotional posts contained video, with the majority featuring images from the live premiere event and Valentine’s Day (when Season 2 premiered). The countdown posts were the only consistent top performing posts across both seasons, as well as one post from the live premiere event showing the main actors, Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright. Beyond video, House of Cards posted quotes and snippets from various episodes, which captured the attention and responses from those who had already watched those scenes, as well as those guessing what the mystery statements might mean.

31,983 Likes | 433 Comments | 3,328 Shares

4,074 Retweets | 4,020 Favorites

7,397 Likes | 295 Comments

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