TV Series’ Finales and Social Amplification

Published on Mar 4th, 2015

by TV Media Insights

Shareablee recently launched a weekly social amplification ranking with TV Media Insights , a TV ratings and news conglomerate. Amplification is the sum of all shares and retweets on posts and tweets published by a TV show on Facebook and on Twitter.

In the first edition of the ranking for the week of February 23 – March 1, the Parks and Recreation series finale came in at number one. The TV show received 27,304 total shares on Facebook and a whopping 185,136 total retweets on Twitter, more than 3x as many retweets as the next highest performing TV show on Twitter. Parks and Recreation ’s top performing tweet received over 28K retweets alone.

The full top 10 TV show amplification ranking that first appeared in TV Media Insights original article can be viewed below.

  1. Parks and Recreation (NBC) – series finale: 212,400 (27,304 total shares; 185, 136 total retweets)
    2. The Kelly File (Fox News Channel): 150,463 (150,463 total shares; 0 retweets)
    3. Once Upon a Time (ABC) – return: 126,353 (99,774 shares; 26,579 retweets)
    4. The Voice (NBC) : 110,281 (55,109 shares; 55,172 retweets)
    5. Empire (Fox) : 93,716 (77,292 shares; 16, 424 retweets)
    6. The Walking Dead (AMC) : 90,018 (63,680 shares; 26,338 retweets)
    7. Pretty Little Liars (ABC Family) : 62,976 (20,191 shares; 42,785 retweets)
    8. How To Get Away With Murder (ABC) – season finale: 44,525 (17,079 shares; 27,446 retweets)
    9. Arrow (CW) : 25,011 (16,755 shares; 8,256 retweets)
    10. The Big Bang Theory (CBS) : 24.187 (18,009 shares; 6,178 retweets)

On top of the unprecedented number of retweets, Parks and Recreation ’s amplification score grew 684% compared to the week prior. To see if this was a common theme among other long-running series, Shareablee conducted an analysis of other TV shows that recently aired their series finales. Though none of the shows that were analyzed came close to the 185,136 retweets that Parks and Recreation received, the amplification growth rates from the week prior to these shows’ series finales were astounding.

Though Sons of Anarchy ’s series finale received 62% more amplification that Parks and Recreation , it was mostly due to their Facebook activity, which brought in nearly 273K shares. Like Parks and Recreation ’s most retweeted tweet, Sons of Anarchy ’s most shared post was done for the fans.

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