What Social Sharing Means for Impressions, Clicks and Brand-Building

Published on Mar 18th, 2015

Why do we covet ‘sharing’? A social ‘share’ of brand content means placing your personal brand behind what a brand stands for, and proactively recommending it to your friends, family. As such, sharing is the most revered and also the hardest social metric to achieve. It can’t be achieved by sheer force of media dollars, and has to still contain some "pass-along value"–something special, to spark that kind of brand connection and endorsement.

But to think of the value of sharing only in terms of these intangibles, is to overlook some of its core power – the ability to exponentially drive reach, clicks back to a site and to amass huge earned media value.

We have compiled some key findings around the impact of social sharing below – over and above what we intrinsically infer, regarding its impact on brand-building and loyalty.

  1. More Shares Means (disproportionately) Greater Social Impressions

The Publishing, Television and Sports categories have seen the greatest growth in amplification since 2013, at 480%, 320% and 134%, respectively. For these three categories, shares on Facebook contributed to one third or more of their total impressions.

  1. Video Shares are on the Rise

Shares on social video posts have grown 140% since 2013. As you can see in the chart below, sharing accounted for 9% of all social actions on Facebook in 2014. Shares on videos made up 7% of that 9%, demonstrating the virality of social video. Of the top Facebook video posts, shares claimed 38% of all actions taken on these posts.

  1. Retweets Increase Referral Traffic

In one of our data analyses, we found that there is a direct positive correlation between retweets and referral traffic on Twitter, as illustrated below:

  1. Social Word of Mouth is More Powerful than Fan Counts

As tempting as it may be to judge social success by your number of fans, social performance is best measured by the size of a brand’s active audience. Take a look at these three Wednesday Primetime shows below. While the fan and follower counts tell one story, the social amplification numbers truly show the value of their social efforts.

So what is the Key Criteria of Shareablee Content?

Shareablee’s CEO and Founder, Tania Yuki, recently gave a presentation on “ What Makes Content Shareable ” at the Advertising Research Foundation’s Re:Think 2015. She revealed Shareablee’s exciting new research on what makes content shareable and how brands can use these insights to create and activate audiences around the right content.

Find out more by downloading the What Makes Content Shareable presentation.

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