Social Best Practices from Media Brands

Published on Apr 16th, 2015

Shareablee’s Founder and CEO, Tania Yuki recently presented at L2's Media (R)evolution Clinic on the best practices that brands can learn from top performing media properties. The media industry has seen significant growth since 2013, with social engagement for the Media Publishing industry increasing by 543% and TV growing by 395%.

Media has also led all other industries in growth of social amplification (the sum of shares on Facebook and retweets on Twitter) at 161% for Media Publishing and 149% for TV. Overall, social amplification has grown 122%, from 530 million actions in 2013 to 1.2 billion in 2014.


Shareablee analyzed social strategies across top media brands and discovered three core objectives that have been driving social success: Discovery, Utility and Re-living Experiences. Below are examples from some of the top performing media properties across publishing, TV and radio that can help brands understand how to create and activate audiences around the right content.

  1. Discovery
    Wired taps into its social audience’s curiosity and thirst for knowledge. On Instagram, 43% of all engagement is generated from Wireds posts related to Art, Design and Nature. The publisher also uses “social currency” by introducing the hottest new products or places that taps into its audience’s motivation to be “first to know.” Additionally, this kind of content particularly resonates with millennial audiences, who are motivated by a desire to “look good” and “look intelligent” to their social communities.

  1. Utility
    Recipes make up 77% of all Taste of Home content across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, most of which are sent in by readers. The publisher leads in amplification with more than 17M shares and retweets in 2014. More than one third of Taste of Home ’s audience is loyal, returning to engage with the publisher’s content two or more times. Taste of Home touches upon social audiences—particularly women 25+-- desire to be useful for their friends and family.

  1. Re-living Experiences
    On Facebook, Spotify taps into nostalgic and memorable moments to encourage audience engagement. The streaming service’s nostalgia-related content makes up 8% of all posts, and accounts for 56% of shares and 29% of all comments. Re-living experiences touches upon deep emotions and narrative, which is a primary driver for sharing, particularly for social consumers 35 and up.


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