Mayweather vs. Pacquiao: Who Won on Social?

Published on May 7th, 2015

by Bianca Spivak and Karen Mendoza

Before Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather faced off in the ring this past weekend, the two slugged it out across social media. The hype surrounding the fight was largely built across a variety of social platforms and was even famously first confirmed by Mayweather, himself, via Shots, a photo sharing app and one of Mayweather’s many investments in the social space.

Mayweather, who goes by the moniker ‘The Money Man’ has certainly lived up to that title, boasting 6.8 million Instagram followers, 11 million on Facebook, and 6.15 million on Twitter in addition to his championship title. Although they both have robust social media followings, Pacquiao trails behind, just breaking 4 million followers across Twitter and Instagram and 8.5 million on Facebook.

Shareablee analyzed Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao’s social engagement for May 1 st to May 3rd, to look past just fan and follower counts and determine who really won the social match based on engagement. From May 1 st to May 3 rd , Pacquiao received 41% more social engagement than Mayweather across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram even though Pacquiao posted 50% less content than his opponent. Pacquiao also scored the top post across platforms between the two fighters, which was posted on the evening before the fight and brought in 1,013,540 Facebook total actions from his social audience.

On the social amplification front, Floyd Mayweather came out on top, receiving 50% more shares and retweets than Pacquiao (306,330 vs. 204,549). However, Pacquiao scored the most socially engaged fight-related tweet posted by any Twitter user on the night of the match (206,260 total actions). Mayweather’s top tweet captured 167,521 total actions on Twitter.

Shareablee also analyzed the sponsors of the fight to see which dominated on social. Participating in a solo sport like boxing means that a large portion of the athlete’s salary can be subsidized by endorsement deals and more brands are looking to social media scorecards to decide who would be a more popular choice for their product. Overall, Tecate came out on top on the night of the fight, accounting for 96% of all social engagement received by the fight’s sponsors.

With significant buzz about the fight across all social media platforms, it looks like social media might be the real heavyweight in this match.

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