Winter/Spring 2015Television Social Wrap-Up

Published on Jun 4th, 2015

Shareablee has conducted an analysis from January 1 to May 31, 2015 to measure which new winter and spring TV shows generated the most social engagement during their first season. The 2015 new U.S. Winter/Spring TV premieres garnered 44.6M total social actions across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, a 175% growth over the total social actions captured by the 2014 new U.S. Fall premieres during the fall season. Of the 46 shows that premiered during the winter/spring season, the Top Ten by social actions (sum of likes, shares, comments, favorites and retweets on content posted by the shows on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) are:

The Stand Outs

Empire , which first aired on January 7, 2015, received the highest number of actions from its social audience with over 27.3M actions, representing a 61% share of voice on social among all new premieres. The show also saw a 341% boost in engagement throughout the season, from the week of its first episode compared to the week of its season finale on March 18 th , driven by a 117% growth in social amplification (the sum of all shares and retweets). This conveys the growth of audience interaction throughout the season, and Empire ’s ability to post shareable content. The show’s most shared and retweeted content centered around behind-the-scenes videos and promos for its season one finale.

The Royals on E! stood out in the Top 10 ranking, receiving the highest growth percentage (503%) from the week of its season premiere compared to the week of its season finale on May 17 th . The show received its biggest spike in total actions on Twitter during the week of its season finale, with over 26K actions—a 1686% increase from the week of the show’s television premiere. The top tweets included content about the show’s popular character, Jasper Prost, making his return for the final episodes of the season, as well as content including the hashtag #RoyalLockdown. Tweets with the hashtag #RoyalLockdown represented 3% of total tweets during the season, and drove in 6% of total audience engagement.

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ABC’s Secrets and Lies , which has been confirmed for a second season , saw tremendous growth in audience engagement on social leading up to its season finale on May 3 rd . The show, which first premiered on March 1 st , received a 64% growth in total actions across social media platforms, from the week of its premiere to the week of its season finale. The compelling storyline of the murder mystery surrounding main suspect Ben Crawford, played by Ryan Phillippe, also brought together the show’s audience on social. Secrets and Lies received the largest boost in engagement on Twitter over the course of its first season, achieving a 201% growth in total actions (retweets and favorites). The most engaged tweets throughout the season encouraged fans to participate in the storyline by including calls-to-action asking the audience to retweet their theories of which character was responsible for the murder.

Social Strategies for Summer and Fall

As seen by the social standouts from the winter/spring season, TV Marketers must combine strategies across three core objectives:

Discover : Teasers and clips with tune-in messages for upcoming episodes grew average engagement and this was greatly heightened within the hours surrounding the window of programming.

Re-living the Episode : Trailers and clips from previous episodes drive social amplification on Facebook and Twitter, creating the ‘water cooler’ effect.

Going Deeper with the Cast/Story : Post content reinforcing (and empowering) emotion and buy-in among social audiences, including behind-the-scenes shots and videos of the cast, emotionally charged clips from previous episodes and opportunities for the audience to contribute their opinions.

Explore the Shareablee Fact Book and find out which brands and industries drove social in 2014.

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