Top 10 Media Publishers for June 2015: BuzzFeed Food Cooking Up Engagement

Published on Jul 10th, 2015

by Tania Yuki

Originally posted on Adweek's SocialTimes by Tania Yuki

In June, U.S. media publishers accounted for 830 million total social actions, with 532 million actions from Facebook, 36 million from Twitter and 262 million from Instagram.

The Media Publishing category saw an 8.5 percent increase in total actions across social compared to May 2015, driven by an 11 percent growth on Instagram.

Scoring in the Top Ten for the first time, BuzzFeed Food saw the highest growth in engagement at 197 percent compared to May 2015.

This growth can be attributed to a 218 percent increase in Facebook total actions. BuzzFeed Video, Bleacher Report and National Geographic once again captured the most social actions on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, respectively.

Key engagement drivers in June

BuzzFeed Food ’s social growth on Facebook in June can be largely attributed to a few recipe videos that went viral. Engagement on videos increased by 279 percent in June compared to May; and while video only made up 8 percent of all content posted by BuzzFeed Food during June, it captured 82 percent of all social actions that the publisher received on Facebook. The best performing video on how to make a S’mores dip brought in more than 18 percent of BuzzFeed Food ’s overall Facebook engagement, and also received over 84 million views.

Huffington Post saw the second largest growth in social engagement among the Top Ten, at 23 percent. This was due to the publisher’s 28 percent growth on Twitter, driven by tweets regarding the Supreme Court legalizing gay marriage . This Supreme Court ruling also drove the top performing tweets for BuzzFeed , which was the second best performing publisher on Twitter, growing 54 percent on the platform in June compared to May.

Finally, National Geographic ’s 20 percent social growth in June can be mostly attributed to its 23 percent growth on Instagram, the platform which has consistently captured the majority of the publisher’s social engagement each month. Over 94 percent of National Geographic ’s total social actions came from Instagram in June, driven by posts celebrating World Oceans Day and other marine life . National Geographic also had the top post of any media publisher surrounding the Supreme Court ruling on marriage equality, capturing over 335,000 actions on the post.

Fastest Growing Categories and Publishers

The fastest growing categories by total social engagement were Food (+158 percent), Women’s Interest (+26 percent) and Family (25 percent). The Food category’s growth was driven largely by BuzzFeed Food (197 percent) and Cooking Light (90 percent). In the Women’s Interest category, More Magazine and Womans Day saw the highest growth at 266 percent and 115 percent, respectively. American Baby had the highest growth for the Family category, and was the fastest growing media publisher overall, at 630 percent.

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