Spotlight On: Fashion Bloggers and Co-Branded Social Content

Published on Sep 3rd, 2015

In this continuation of Shareablee’s Spotlight On series, we will analyze the growth of Fashion Bloggers and the social success that brands and publishers have seen through co-branded posts with these bloggers. In H1 2015, Fashion Bloggers captured 693 million total social actions (likes, shares, comments and retweets) across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, a 20% increase compared to H1 2014.

To put this in perspective, Fashion & Style media publishers received 526 million total social actions during this same time period. Fashion Bloggers also outpaced Fashion & Style publishers on average total social actions, as seen in the chart below.

In our analysis, we discovered brands have utilized Fashion Bloggers, particularly The Blonde Salad, to increase reach and brand awareness. The brand sponsored posts below have proven to capture 260% more actions than the brand normally receives.

Partnerships with brands and blogs also increased brand visibility. The post above by Chiara Ferragni (The Blonde Salad) received 15 times more actions than the average post by Valentino on March 10 th 2015.

Facebook posts by The Blonde Salad’s that mentioned Valentino during Paris Fashion Week received 6.5 times the total actions than Valentino alone.

Finally, we found that brands have seen social success by looking to Fashion Bloggers to increase their social presence especially in promotion of their events.




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