Sneak Peek: Are You Posting at the Right Time?

Shareablee will be presenting the Social Best Practices from H1 2015 webinar today, September 10, at 1pm ET. You can register by clicking here . As a sneak peek into what we will be presenting, below is an analysis of several industries, showing where they have seen success in their timing of posts. Content strategy metrics like time of posting can help brands find out the specific day/time combinations during which their social audience is most likely to engage.

For CPG brands, the ideal day of the week to post on Facebook was Wednesday, capturing over 30% of total Facebook actions (likes, shares, comments) for the entire week. However, the average automotive brand captures over 50% of its total Facebook actions on Saturday. Delving into the time of day that is best for garnering social engagement on Facebook, over 20% of the publishing industry’s total Facebook actions are captured at 12PM ET. Posting during this 12pm ET timeslot is also a driver of Facebook actions for the Travel & Leisure industry at 15%, surpassed only by actions captured by posts during 3pm ET timeslot which capture nearly 25% of Facebook actions for the day.

Explore Shareablee’s Social Best Practices from H1 2015 presentation and find out which brands and industries drove social in H1 2015.

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