Social Best Practices: Emojis on the Rise

Published on Sep 29th, 2015

This is the second installment of our three-part deep-dive series on the social best practices that can be learned from top U.S. brands. The first post in the series addressed the 52% growth of U.S. brands in H1 2015 compared to H1 2014. In this post, we will show how emojis have continued to drive social success for brands across various industries.

At Shareablee, we’ve seen a marked rise in the use of emojis in social content. We first reported on the social impact of emojis in June , particularly how brands have seen a spike in social engagement from their use of emojis to better communicate with their audience. In May 2015, Domino’s launched its Tweet-to-Order campaign, an emoji-driven social effort that grew social engagement for the brand 201% compared to the previous month.

The campaign was designed for customers to simply tweet a pizza emoji or use the hashtag #EasyOrder @Dominos to order a pizza. The campaign was aimed to simplify and enhance the ordering experience, and to incorporate the use of emojis, which have evolved as an integral part of conversation in social media.

Campaign-related posts across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram garnered over 461K total actions and produced 51% of Domino’s cross-platform engagement on social. At its peak in June, the campaign brought in a 287% increase in social engagement on Twitter compared to the pre-campaign numbers in April. Domino’s continues to build on the campaign with Emoji Flashcards. The second part of their campaign launched in efforts to educate on the meanings of emojis, accompanied by the hashtag #EmojiLiteracy.

Retail Brands

The retail industry has also benefited from the use of emojis across social. On Instagram, Forever 21’s posts that included emojis in the caption represented 93% of total content in May.  The brand consistently used hearts emojis to pair images with fun captions as a way of connecting with its audience. Posts including the ? emoji captured over 1.2M total actions, which represented 10% of Forever 21’s total media posted and 13% of its total social audience engagement.

Of Urban Outfitter’s five top tweets by engagement in May, four included emojis. These tweets generated a total 3,820 actions, representing 10% share of voice of all engagement captured by the brand on Twitter during that month. Urban Outfitters included emojis in 26% of their tweets, which produced 35% of the brand’s total actions on Twitter.

Stay tuned for the next post in this series which will address social best practices from the U.S. Sports industry.


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