Social Best Practices: Moments That Matter

Published on Oct 1st, 2015

In this final installment of Shareablee’s three-part series on the social best practices from H1 2015, we examine key strategies that can be learned from the Sports category. So far in this series, we have addressed the state of social in the U.S. for H1 2015 overall, as well as how emojis have driven social success for brands across various industries.

Compared to H1 2014, U.S. Sports saw the highest growth in engagement of any industry at 79%, outpacing the 52% growth across all U.S. brands in H1 2015. Shareablee found that several Sports properties have seen their social efforts boosted by posting in-the-moment content.


Twitter has proven to be the ideal platform for in-the-moment content, as it allows brands to live-tweet and engage their social audiences by posting exciting moments as they happen. For example, the NBA’s top video post on Twitter showcasing LaVine’s dunk captured nearly 25 thousand social actions on Twitter and scored in the top three tweets for the league. Seven of the NBA’s top ten tweets on the platform featured these in-the-moment videos. The NBA also generated 76 million actions from in-the-moment content on Instagram. Among its Instagram posts, 7% included video and drove 9% of engagement, including a video post that was the third most engaged post overall for the NBA. Video has also been a huge engagement driver for the Sports category, with social actions captured on video posts growing by 206% in H1 2015.


The NFL has also seen social success by posting content capturing moments that matter. The league’s teams and broadcast properties captured over 624 million social actions across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram during the 2014-15 season, a 94% increase over the prior season. On Twitter, five of the NFL’s top ten posts were in-the-moment video replays of astounding plays, and captured at least 10x more retweets and favorites than the league’s average Twitter tweet received. Also, Three of the NFL’s top ten posts on Instagram during this time period were in-the-moment photos, and captured over 85% more actions than the average NFL Instagram post.

Posts that captured in-the-moment action from the games and fan reactions boosted social performance and opened more opportunities for teams and sports brands to engage with their respective social audiences on a real-time level. This practice of featuring moments that matter when it comes to live events can be implemented across every industry to increase brands’ social engagement. Does this mean you have to be glued to your phone camera to capture these special moments? Brands have also encouraged users to submit their content, which the brands then share and retweet, thus capturing additional social actions and further building audience loyalty.

The first part of the series on the state of social in the U.S. for H1 2015 can be viewed by clicking here , and the second post in this series showcasing the rise of emojis can be viewed by clicking here .

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