3 Takeaways from Fashion Week Season

Published on Oct 20th, 2015

by Jack Weinstein and Kara Lawson

Brands looking to stand out on social should take a cue from the winners of 2016 Spring-Summer Fashion Week season.

A number of social strategies were on display during the Fashion Week season, which ran from Sept. 10 to Oct. 6 in New York, London, Milan and Paris. Whether you want to generate the most interest in your brand, get the most out of your limited social efforts or take a small following as far as it can go, you can learn by emulating what some of the top fashion brands are doing.

Keep it in the family

Victoria Beckham outpaced the competition during the Fashion Week season generating 3.7 million total actions (likes, comments, shares, retweets favorites across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram). Balmain, with 2.2 million total actions grabbed the second spot.

Beckham was the top designer on Instagram, which produced 97% of her total engagement. Her three most engaged posts during New York Fashion Week featured members of her family, including her son Brooklyn and husband David Beckham .

Not all brands can boast Beckham’s star power. Her background as pop singer and marriage to a world famous former soccer player already make Beckham a formidable brand. And many top social posts this year on Facebook , Twitter and Instagram are about celebrities’ personal lives, not promotions of upcoming projects. So Beckham isn’t alone.

Innovate and showcase

Chanel by far got the most from social. It needed only 38 social posts to generate 1.6 million total actions, nearly one-third of that needed by Valentino to garner the same number of actions.

In spite of having the fifth most social actions, Chanel’s social produced the most actions per post. It generated an average of nearly 43,000 actions per post across social platforms, edging Beckham by about 4,000.

Chanel re-created a busy airport terminal for Paris Fashion Week. Promoting its unique #ChanelAirlines show helped the brand take the top spot on Facebook and Twitter. It had the most engaged posts and tweets on Facebook and Twitter , and the top video post on Instagram.

Lean on your talent

Speaking of Balmain, the designer managed to generate the second-most total actions, 2.2 million, with far fewer followers than any other fashion brand to perform in the top 10 during the season. Balmain has 3 million fans and followers, one-sixth of the number of fans and followers as Beckham.

Balmain’s most engaged posts featured its models, including Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid, backstage at the show and at the designer’s after-party . They boast a combined 46 million Instagram followers; Jenner alone has 39 million.

Designers captured more than 42.7 million total social actions this season, a 58% increase over the SS2015 Fashion Week season.

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