Trending on Social at CES 2016: Ford, Lenovo, Intel, LG and The Verge

Published on Jan 7th, 2016

by Jack Weinstein

One of the most interesting products to debut at the Consumer Electronics Show this week in Las Vegas isn’t quite ready to hit the market, but that didn’t stop audiences from engaging with content about it on social media.

LG’s 18-inch rollable OLED TV screen generated the most engagement of any CES-related product announcement on Facebook between Jan. 4 and 6.

Posts by publishers about the rollable TV screen accounted for three of the five top CES-related posts on Facebook so far this week. However, the top post by engagement came from Intel in an announcement promoting its Tuesday night keynote address .

Interestingly, LG Electronics and LG TV didn’t post any CES-related content about the rollable TV screen this week. Instead, the brand focused its social media efforts on promoting its press conference , where it announced its new signature line of home appliances and TVs , among other products that it will release this year.

Top Consumer Electronics Brands

While Intel boasts the top overall CES post between Jan. 4 and 6, it’s only the ninth most-engaged consumer electronics brand during that time period. The most-engaged brand consumer electronics brand is GoPro.

GoPro’s social media engagement more than doubled in 2015, compared with 2014, with instagram, where it generated 97% of its total actions with user-generated content . That increase helped drive overall growth in the consumer electronics segment of the retail category.

Consumer electronics brands posted to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram only 1.4% more often this past year than in 2014. But the brands generated nearly 56% more total engagement on all three platforms.

Top CES Posts

Publishers produced eight of the 10 most-engaged CES-related Facebook posts this week. The Verge, with 18.4 million total actions between Jan. 4 and 6, edged Mashable and Gizmodo as the top science and technology publisher on all three platforms. Of all the content it produced on those platforms this week, 28% was related to CES, which drove 35% of all engagement.

Its top post was also about the LG’s rollable TV screen .

Lenovo posted the top five CES-related tweets from brands this week on Twitter. It’s top tweet asked followers to retweet in exchange to be entered for a chance to win a mystery prize. We saw retailers use calls to retweet to generate engagement last year.

Consumer electronics brands didn’t have as much success as online retailers who asked followers to retweet (4% of content produced 14% of actions). But calls to retweet from consumer electronics brands in 2015 generated 62% more engagement than the frequency of posts asking followers to take that action.

In the lead up to CES, Lenovo had the four most-engaged Facebook post from a brand generating a total of nearly 466,000 total actions. To do so, it used different strategies including building excitement and requesting an action .

Ford produced the most-engaged Instagram content among brands with its CES-related post introducing 2017 Ford GT. Automotive brands have found success in the past using sensorial experiences to boost engagement .

It’s easy to tell how fast the GT must be traveling based on how blurry the trees and clouds are in the background of the photo.

Unlike Facebook, in which brands and publishers produced the top CES-related posts, product reviewers posted the most-engaged CES content this week on Twitter and Instagram .

Are you at CES? Share with us in the comments some of the technological innovations you’ve engaged with on social media this week.

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