In New York Social Media, New York Times Is The Ultimate Ringer

Published on Feb 15th, 2016

by NetNewsCheck

Originially posted on NetNewsCheck with Shareablee data

When it comes to supremacy among local media on social in New York, The New York Times dominates by orders of magnitude, according to Shareablee data. In light of the paper's annihilation of the curve, we offer two views of New York social media performance this week one with the Times, and one without.

To be clear, if there’s a category in social media performance to be measured, The New York Times smashes its local competition there, according to Shareablee data.

Let’s quantify a bit: of the market’s total 161.5 million total social actions in the last six months, the Times captured 25% with over 40.4 million. It has over 35.7 million fans/followers (the next closest runner-up has almost 1.3 million, for comparison).

It crushes Facebook with 26.8 million actions. But unlike most markets, where Facebook comprises near 99% of a news outlet’s social focus, Facebook made for only... Read More and View the Ranking !


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