What Marketers Can Learn From Valentine’s Day Social Posts

Published on Feb 18th, 2016

Video recipes are taking over.

Valentine’s Day-inspired video recipes accounted for 11% of the top 100 Facebook posts (and 14% of the top 50) in February. That may not seem like a lot, but consider this: they’re competing with celebrities, athletes, politicians, publishers, TV shows and movies, government agencies, and brands to generate the most engagement with audiences.

Those recipes generated a combined 3 million social actions (likes, comments and shares) on Facebook, an average of more than 276,000 per post. They were shared 34% of the time helping to prove that useful content is highly shareable .

Led by video recipe producers Tasty , Tastemade and BuzzFeed Food , which had some of the top recipe posts of the month, food publishers are also getting into the mix. So are brands, which are incorporating their products into the creation of video recipes.

We realize not every brand and publisher can create video recipes. So we wanted to highlight some of the best ways to engage social audiences with holiday-themed posts. We examined the top Valentine’s Day posts from consumer goods and retail brands. The brands that found clever ways to incorporate their products into Valentine’s Day-themed posts generated the most engagement.

We’ve included some of the most-engaged Valentine’s Day posts from consumer goods and retail brands on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

  1. Starbucks

Starbucks generated the most engagement among consumer goods brands that incorporated its product into a clever post to incorporate a Valentine’s Day message. This photo generated more than 227,000 actions (likes and comments) on Instagram. That’s 20% more than the average of Starbucks’ other two Valentine's Day posts, which didn’t incorporate its products. This particular post was also user-generated content , something Starbucks does well and often.

  1. Eggo

Eggo has found success engaging audiences with topical Facebook posts . Its Valentine’s Day content is no different. Eggo incorporated the Super Bowl and Valentine’s Day in posts that are its two-most-engaged all time. The Valentine’s Day-themed post was Eggo’s most-shared post of the year. Sharing, or amplification, is so important because the action is an endorsement from one person to another and increases the number of impressions a post can garner.

  1. Maybelline

As you’ve noticed by now, the most-engaged posts have included brands finding creative ways to incorporate a heart into their post. Maybelline's might be the best only using one of its vibrant colors to accentuate the shape of a woman’s lips. The post doesn’t even include a description and it doesn’t need it. Year to date, Maybelline has posted 41% of its content to Instagram but generated a staggering 98% of its actions on the photo-sharing platform. Clearly the cosmetics brand has figured out where its audience lives.

  1. Hot Wheels

Hot Wheels’ Vine-like 12-second video incorporated a number of its toy cars into a post that not only showcases its products, but includes a Valentine’s Day message. Like video recipe producers, who have figured out how to optimize their content for Facebook by creating short videos that play automatically in the News Feed without sound, Hot wheels did the same. The video is by far the brand’s most-engaged content of the year on any platform, generating triple the actions than its next-most-engaged post on Facebook. It also captured 171,000 views, 1,200% more views than its next-most-viewed video.

  1. Chobani

Much of Chobani’s social media strategy involves using platforms to reminds audiences that its products aren’t just for breakfast. Chobani also showcases its yogurts in creative ways, as it has done with eight different Simply 100 flavors in this Valentine’s Day post. But it’s most engaged tweets of the year are simple photos and don’t include much more than images of yogurt. This was Chobani’s most-engaged post of February, which generated 273% more actions (likes, comments and retweets) than the average post this month.

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