Shareablee Ranks Top Ten TV Networks in February 2016

Published on Mar 17th, 2016

TV Network video engagement grows 18 percent; Velocity sees largest growth in February

NEW YORK , March 17, 2016 / PRNewswire / -- Shareablee Inc. , the leading social media benchmarking and audience analysis firm that partners with TV and cable networks CBS, NBC, ESPN, Univision, FOX News and CNN, among others, today released a February ranking of the most socially engaged TV Networks in the U.S. The ranking, which includes all television shows and the main network brand accounts under their respective networks, reflects a total of 651 million social actions across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr. Engagement for TV networks decreased 5 percent compared to January, due to a 9 percent decrease on Instagram and 4 percent decrease on Facebook. Actions on video content for TV Networks grew 18 percent in February compared to January, and represents 22 percent of the total social actions captured by TV Networks across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in February.

ABC ranked number one on Facebook with 39.3 million actions and also captured the most social amplification (shares and retweets) of any TV network with nearly 9.8 million shares and retweets on Facebook and Twitter. ESPN topped Twitter with 9.4 million actions and Instagram with 87.1 million actions. MTV ranked number one on Tumblr. Fox News topped the news category with 31.7 million actions. Velocity saw the largest growth at 305 percent, driven by an 84 percent increase in Facebook posts resulting in a 344 percent growth in Facebook actions.



Other notable findings include:

The Top Five TV shows by engagement: SportsCenter, ESPN (74.3 million actions), The Walking Dead, AMC (20.2 million actions) , Pretty Little Liars, Freeform (14.1 million actions), Good Morning America, ABC (13.4 million actions), Teen Wolf, MTV (9.6 million actions)

The Top Five TV Networks on Facebook: ABC (39.3 million actions), ESPN (31.3 million actions), NBC (30.7 million actions), Telemundo (29.7 million actions), FOX News (27.3 million actions)

The Top Five Networks on Twitter: ESPN (9.4 million actions), ABC (5.1 million actions), CBS (3.8 million actions), MTV (3.7 million actions), NBC (3 million actions)

The Top Five Networks on Instagram: ESPN (87.1 million actions), E! (19.6 million actions), MTV (17.7 million actions), Freeform (15.8 million actions), AMC (10.3 million actions.

The Top Five Networks ranked by video engagement: ESPN (24.1 million actions), ABC (20.8 million actions), NBC (10.9 million actions), FOX (9.6 million actions), Univision (8.4 million actions).

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