Social Best Practices of the Top Facebook Live Videos: Part 1

Published on May 12th, 2016

by Jack Weinstein

To date, web publishers have generated the most engagement using Facebook Live .

BuzzFeed so far is the standard bearer having produced the most-engaged non-celebrity live video post (until Chewbacca Mom outdid them on May 19). That of course was the exploding watermelon , which generated more than 372,000 actions (likes, comments and shares) and 10 million views. Of those actions, 86% were comments making it BuzzFeed’s most-commented post year to date and demonstrating the direct content producer to audience engagement power of Facebook Live.

In addition to BuzzFeed, other web publishers, TV shows, even consumer and auto brands, and retailers are getting in on the act.

We identified the top Facebook Live videos year to date and separated them by industry to review the social best practices brands are using to drive engagement. This is the first of a three-part series. We tackle publishing brands and TV shows in this first installment.

Publishing Mesmerizes

Excluding BuzzFeed, video recipe producers have published the 10 most-engaged Facebook Live videos. Tastemade led the charge with eight of the top 10, including the two most-engaged live videos.

Tastemade’s most-engaged live videos include demonstrations of latte art (134,000 actions and 1.6 million views) and pancake art (98,000 actions and 3.7 million views), which are mesmerizing. But it’s most engrossing content might be the live version of its Tiny Kitchen series. Try not to watch the preparation of a tiny cheeseburger. It’s impossible.

While Tastemade’s latte and pancake art live video appeal for their aesthetic quality, the Tiny Kitchen series is truly unlike anything we’ve seen before. The preparation of the cheeseburger is story that unfolds over 13 minutes. Each step seems more improbable, which makes it nearly impossible to stop watching.

And like their success with video recipes Tastemade’s latte and pancake art and Tiny Kitchen series don’t require sound, which makes them easier to consume even if they’re much longer.

TV Connects Stars to Fans

Cable TV shows produced the two most-engaged Facebook Live videos.

Game of Thrones generated 205,000 actions (50% comments), more than twice as many actions as the next most-engaged post and 4.1 million views. The video included 71 minutes of coverage from the season six red carpet premiere that featured interviews with stars of the hit HBO series with questions from fans. Starz series Outlander generated more than 102,000 actions and 1.9 million actions with a video of star Sam Heughan at New York’s Tartan Day Parade in April.

Those posts found success with event coverage, but broadcast TV shows have used Facebook Live to connect fans to their stars.

Gotham was among the more successful TV shows at using live Q&As to engage fans. Camren Bicondova, who plays Catwoman, answered fan questions for more than 33 minutes in a March video. It generated nearly 78,000 actions (64% comments) and 700,000 views.

Posts featuring the actors who play the Penguin and the young Bruce Wayne also generated more than half their actions from comments, making fans’ connections with their favorite shows that much deeper. Live Q&As accounted for three of Gotham’s five most-engaged posts year to date and the three most commented.

Scandal , Pretty Little Liars , NCIS , Grey’s Anatomy and Grimm have also been successful connecting with audiences through live Q&As and chats. The Vampire Diaries found similar success, but did so by sharing a video posted by star Joseph Morgan.

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