Hillary Clinton Sets Social Web Afire

Published on Jun 10th, 2016

by Jack Weinstein

Delete your account. Hillary Clinton’s response to a Donald Trump’s latest insult wasn’t the first time those three words had been tweeted, but it might be the most significant.

Not only was it Clinton’s most engaged social post since she announced her candidacy April 12, 2015, it’s the most-engaged tweet by any presidential candidate this election season. As of 3:30 p.m. EST, the tweet had generated more than 950,000 total actions (likes and retweets) and counting.

But it was so much more than a just response to Trump’s dismissal of President Barack Obama’s endorsement of Clinton as his successor.

“Those three words were forceful. The tweet declared the gibberish and insult-riddled word salad Trump is tweeting unworthy of attention,” Chicago Tribune columnist Rex Huppke wrote Friday morning. “If this is a turning point, it puts pressure on Clinton to speak and tweet honestly and to ground her campaign in facts, not slogans and blah-blah. I think that's what people want, and I think that's why those three words seemed to resonate so strongly.”

Before he wrote that, Hupke tweeted that Clinton’s tweet felt like a moment . It seems to have resonated that way.

According to Twitter, it’s the second-most-retweeted tweet of this and the previous election cycle, BuzzFeed News reported . Obama’s Four More Years tweet was retweeted almost 800,000 times and generated nearly 1.2 million total actions.

Trump countered a couple of hours later with a tweet that doubled down on a response from Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus about Clinton’s email scandal. Trump’s tweet generated more than 400,000 actions, as of Friday afternoon, becoming the second-most-engaged tweet of the election season. Yet it didn’t seem to have quite the impact as Clinton’s.

However, Trump can claim one social media victory over Clinton. He has the most-engaged Facebook, Twitter or Instagram post of the election season. His infamous taco bowl post on Cinco de Mayo generated more than 1.4 million actions. The photo is also the most-engaged Instagram post of the election season.

With about five months left until the election, this surely won’t be the last time the two presumptive candidates for president square off on social media. We can only hope they continue to be this entertaining.

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