The Top 10 Media Publishers for June 2016

Published on Jul 12th, 2016

The Huffington Post experiences most month-over-month engagement growth

In June, U.S. media publishers generated more than 1.45 billion total social actions (likes, comments, shares, retweets, dislikes), a 2% decline compared with the previous month. Publishers’ engagement by platform was led by Instagram at 48%, followed by Facebook (47%), and Twitter (4%). The media publishing industry represented 22% of all actions taken on content published by U.S. brands in June.

The slight decline in month-over-month engagement can be attributed to publishers generating 2% fewer Facebook actions and 1.5% fewer Instagram actions. Engagement actually increased on Twitter by 4%.

Among the Top 10 publishers, The Huffington Post experienced the most month-over-month engagement improvement at 63%. The Huffington Post was ranked outside of the Top 10 last month. National Geographic , Tasty and Bleacher Report maintained the top three spots from last month’s ranking.

i Total actions include all post-level likes, shares, retweets, dislikes and comments (does not include views).
ii Total content includes all posts, tweets, and media posted by each brand across platforms.
iii Total fans/followers includes fans/followers for all properties under each brand as of June 30, 2016.
iv The percent change in actions metric calculates the growth or decline in total actions in June compared to May.

Key Engagement Drivers in June

The Huffington Posts engagement growth was driven by a 91% increase in actions from video content in June. And 99% of that engagement came on Facebook. Four of The Huffington Posts top Facebook posts were videos. And it’s most engaged was a video about cats getting brain freezes . Top Posts also included a video of Muslim’s praying after the Orlando nightclub shooting and an artist’s incredible work with fabric .

Bleacher Report experienced the most month-over-month engagement growth after The Hufftington Post at 28%. The sports website generated more engagement on every platform in June, but its greatest gains came from Facebook (64%) and Twitter (33%). Bleacher Report also generated 54% of its engagement in June from video. Top Facebook posts were driven by the NBA Finals, in which the Cleveland Cavaliers defeated the Golden State Warriors in dramatic come-from-behind fashion. Some of its top posts are humorous superimposed videos featuring the Cavaliers players and Warriors star Stephen Curry , and another example of video editing with Lebron James .

Fastest Growing Categories and Publishers

The fastest growing categories by social engagement month over month were General News (37%) and, driven by The Huffington Post ; Sports (21%), driven by Bleacher Report ; and Science & Technology, driven by The Verge , Gizmodo and TechCrunch.

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