3 Takeaways from Best Practices for Social Video

Published on Jul 19th, 2016

by Jack Weinstein

We’ve said it before: if your brand hasn’t added social video to its content strategy, it’s time to get started.

Not only is video highly shareable —the Top 1,000 Facebook videos generated half of their actions from shares vs. just 19% for the Top 1,000 Facebook posts in H1 2016—engagement is growing faster for videos than other types of social content, such as photos or links.

In H1 2016, engagement from video content increased an astonishing 57% compared with the same time last year. Why is that remarkable? Engagement for all other social content increased just 2% during the same time period.

Engagement from video content posted by publishers grew 327% in H1 2016 and now accounts for the largest share of voice among all industries. Publishers, sports and TV brands generate nearly 90% of all video engagement.

Last week, Shareablee founder and CEO Tania Yuki presented Best Practices for Social Video with WARC . You can get the presentation here . Until you’re able to review the presentation, check out the three key takeaways we’ve pulled from the webinar.

Post Useful Content

We identified usefulness as one of four drivers of shareability in a study that we released last year and updated in April. Recipe video producers emerged last year as the best on social at providing value for audiences.

Brands like Tasty and Tastemade helped create a category that is dominating social. Five video recipe producers, including Tasty and Tastemade, were among the 25 most-engaged brands of Q1 2016 .

Check out Tasty’s incredible growth in the past year. It grew from generating just 37,000 total social actions in July 2015 to 49 million in June 2016.

Find Content Partnerships

Whether you're co-branding or partnering with social influencers , leveraging a larger audience is key to amplifying your messaging and reaching a broader group of people. Take Under Armour, for example. The sports apparel brand used its sponsored athletes to promote #RuleYourself, the campaign that promoted fitness and healthy lifestyles.

Under Armour’s influencers generated twice as many actions per video as the brand during the campaign in H1 2016. And its influencers accounted for 79% of the total engagement captured by the campaign.

Embrace Live Video and New Innovative Video Formats

A number of brands and publishers have successfully adopted Facebook Live and Twitter’s Periscope to generate engagement. The UFC experienced an 11x increase in comments using live video. It also generated 321% more engagement per post with live video compared with other types of content. We’ve seen similar boosts in comments and engagement from other brands and publishers.

Any brand or publisher can apply these takeaways to their social strategies.

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