Updating our Olympic Top 10 and Breaking Down U.S. Teams by Sport

Published on Aug 12th, 2016

After the first full week of the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio, Team USA maintains its lead atop the medal standings and as the most-socially engaged country competing in the games.

The Americans more than doubled their social engagement onFacebook, Twitter, and Instagram from our first ranking of Olympic teams. They’ve generated nearly 9.6 million actions, about 3x more engagement than No. 2 Great Britain. Canada, Brazil and India round out the top five.

We’ve broken down engagement by platform. Team USA leads on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. India has generated all of its engagement on Facebook.

Ranking the Top U.S. Teams by Sport

In addition to evaluating the teams competing by country, we also wanted to rank the U.S. teams by sport through the first week of the Olympics.

The Women’s National Soccer Team edged USA Gymnastics 3.4 million actions to 3.3 million actions, both of which are more than any other country’s total other than the U.S. USA Basketball, USA Swimming and USA Volleyball round out the Top 5.

Women’s Soccer leads all U.S. teams on Twitter and Instagram, where it generated 72% of its engagement. USA Gymnastics leads all teams on Facebook, and USA basketball generated the highest percentage of its total engagement from video content, at 22%.

USA Gymnastics published the five most-engaged Facebook posts among U.S. teams. Its top post, a photo of the Final Five biting their gold medals generated nearly 95,000 actions.

Other top posts included a photo of the Final Five with national team coordinator Márta Károlyi , who is retiring after the Olympics, and recognition of Simone Biles and Aly Raisman taking home gold and silver, respectively, in the all-around competition.

USA Gymnastics also produced the three most-engaged Twitter posts among U.S. teams. Its tweet featuring a photo of Károlyi and the Final Five generated more than 36,000 actions, more than 10,000 actions more than its crying forever and dream come true tweets.

While USA Gymnastics produced the most-engaged posts on Facebook and Twitter, the U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team published six of the 10 most-engaged Instagram posts, including the top two. The posts featured the players’ arrival in Rio, including one that included #BusinessTrip .

Other top posts feature the players out and about and include #OneNationOneTeam . Engagement for the National Team could increase throughout the Olympics if they continue advancing through the tournament.

USA Gymnastics and the U.S. National Team’s post contrast one another and seem analogous to the different sports.. While one of it’s most-engaged posts referred to the National Team’s trip to Rio as a business trip, its posts are less business-like than most published by USA Gymnastics.

We'll continue producing more Olympics content throughout the games. Check back with the Shareablee blog for more.

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