Identifying Brands Team USA Fans Also Engage on Social

Published on Aug 18th, 2016

by Jack Weinstein

When it comes to brand preferences of Team USA’s Facebook fans, they would opt for import cars, healthier restaurants, women’s clothing retailers and mostly familiar food brands.

We wanted to find out which brands Team USA’s fans also engaged. So we evaluated their brand affinity to determine the brands whose audiences are most likely to overlap with Team USA’s.

Team USA’s audience engages with a variety of brands, which could present potential cross-promotional or co-branding opportunities on social. We chose to highlight a handful in the automotive, consumer food and grocery, quick-serve restaurant, and retail apparel categories.

The number next to each brand name indicates its affinity score with Team USA. The score is the percentage that Team USA’s audience is more likely to engage with the brand than the average Facebook user. Scores greater than 10 represent strong affinities.

Some of the brands are related to athletics or have been associated with athletics, such as Wheaties, but others are not. However, these affinity scores indicate that the brand would be an ideal social advertising partner with Team USA. At the very least, the brands would benefit from producing campaigns related to the Olympics or using Olympic themes in their posting as the games are taking place.

Want more information about brand affinities and finding the most-optimized social cross-promotional or co-branding opportunities? Let us know.


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