Livewire Act: Harnessing the Social Live Video Revolution

Published on Sep 29th, 2016

by Gloria Stitt

It seems that no matter what social platform you are on (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc) you can’t help but scroll through dozens of Live Videos these days.  As a matter of fact, I bet your social feeds are dominated by Live Video content.  So what’s going on?  Let’s take a quick look at this phenomenon and why it’s the most opportune moment for Live Streaming.

Let’s first level set the discussion by reviewing some interesting facts:

  • Looking at data from January 1- August 31 vs same time in 2015, actions on video content grew by almost 60%

  • Publishing, Sports and the TV Industry dominated video engagement on social.

Social Video continues to be the most shared content.  When comparing video content vs other content on social; videos were shared 2.5 times more than non video posts.

So how should you leverage Live video?  Let’s take a look at some best practices.

Brands that educate: Marketers often struggling with how to tell their story via social. But brands that educate are seeing very high engagement on their videos. Live videos make for a more personal experience. For example, The Food Network’s “Live Recipes” has seen not only very high views but higher than average commenting and sharing:

Another successful brand that is “educating” is HGTV Live where they provide very in-depth DIY and How-to content via Facebook Live.  It’s like having your own teacher one-on-one.

Q&As: Another very effective method is the use of Q&A. For example, TV shows are keeping fans engaged during the off season or prior to a season ending by leveraging Facebook Live.  It is also an effective method to get Tune-In messages across.  Gotham did a series of Live Q&As this past spring and saw tremendous success and an increase in overall social engagement.

Compared to their other non video content and even other Live Video Content; their Live Q&A made up 93% of their total social conversation.

Breaking News/Event: This is by far the most effective use.  Local TV has the ability to instantly bring you information and video as it is happening.  Here are three examples of top Breaking News from Local Media January – August.

MTV scored on social with recaps and live-posts throughout the VMA’s with "tune-in" messages.  It kept fans engaged long after the show ended.

Shows that incorporated Live Video into behind-the-scenes tour also had tremendous engagement again appealing to the fan base during the off-season like these shows that did these Live video’s in the summer.

So what’s the moral to the story?

There is a huge opportunity for marketers (especially in TV) to leverage the growing time spent on social streaming apps such as Facebook Live and Periscope.  All you need is a mobile phone; no need for investing in high-end cameras (maybe a tripod).  The whole point of Live is that it’s real and it’s now.  With video content having the highest levels of engagement (driving comments and shares faster than other content) why wouldn’t you jump on the bandwagon?

Interested in learning more? Revisit the Livewire Act: Harnessing the  Social Live Video Revolution Presentation.

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