Window into the Future of Social Video

Published on Dec 20th, 2016

When looking at the future of video on social media, branded video and Facebook Live are at the forefront. In a webinar examining social video measurement , Shareablee Founder and CEO, Tania Yuki, addressed the latest developments and how to capitalize on them. Let's take a closer look at some of the findings.

Branded Video

With branded content, it's important to ask yourself the following questions : Which influencers are truly winning in each category? What platforms are strong for which publishers? Has a publisher already advertised with a competitor? Lastly, what kind of lift might be expected?

When it comes to crafting great branded content, you must understand what truly motivates your audience. Thanks to co-branded posts on Facebook and branded video, advertisers are able to reach their target audience for more effective monetization.

Research shows that cross engagement can boost your audience considerably. In measuring the impact of a co-branded integration with a branded campaign and a quick service restaurant (QSR), the restaurant's share of engagement grew three fold following its campaign compared with other food, beverage and QSR brands.

Facebook Live

Facebook Live has become a crucial tool for content creators and increased functionality around discovery has the potential to make it ever more powerful. Publishers can now announce ahead of time that they're planning to go live. This gives users the ability to set reminders and increases the likelihood that your audience will tune in while you're live. By creating ongoing schedules of live streams, some publishers are recreating appointment viewing. If you have the luxury of having multiple social channels, cross-promoting Facebook Live broadcasts across other channels or properties can introduce your content to a whole new audience.

Since Facebook Live is not seeing the same kind of long-tail as other video, it's important to optimize live broadcasts the day of streaming to capture the most views. The length of live video , some of which run for hours, is significantly longer than the average one to two minutes for non-live video; demonstrating that audiences are willing to tune in for long-form content.

In terms of activating a conversation with the audience, Facebook Live is proving to be a valuable tool. Interactions are through the roof for live video, particularly comments. Of the top 5,000 Facebook Live videos for TV networks, 46% of the actions were comments compared to only 8% for non-live video. Interestingly enough, people were still commenting even after the live broadcast ended. In looking at specific categories, Facebook Live video is seven times more likely to garner a comment in publishing and eight times more likely in sports and TV.

So what's the conclusion?First, branded video is a powerful tool to expand your target audience, but it's important to learn from your competitors and other influences in the space. Secondly, the live format resonates with audiences across the board, making it a great way to g row your reach. Lastly, in order to make Facebook Live even more valuable, it's crucial to drive tune-in by promoting live broadcasts in advance, cross-promoting on other platforms and capitalizing on streams the day of broadcast.

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