2016 Video Actions Skyrocket by 103%, Facebook Live Emerges

Published on Mar 6th, 2017

By Alla Byrne

Video growth skyrocketed on social media in 2016 across all categories, outpacing other content formats both in terms of volume as well as consumer interactions. In Shareablee's Year in Review webinar, Founder and CEO Tania Yuki explained the growth of video across social platforms and what this meant for content strategy overall:

"We are moving away from a very top-down approach in video, where audiences are centralized around a handful of core cultural moments such as the Superbowl, Primetime TV, the Olympics and others, and towards a current state that is much more organic - millions of video audiences comprising thousands of people. The proliferation of short form video, live video and branded content underscore the importance of an ‘always-on’ approach to storytelling, and means that audiences will continue to demand that content-generation remain at an all-time high," Yuki says.

Overall video posts grew 43% year over year across all measured platforms, and video actions grew 103% across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram - disproportionate growth given the amount of content created that underscores the early stages of this wave of video viewing growth. Facebook saw the greatest growth in viewership with an impressive 166% increase, while Instagram had the highest average actions per video.

Shareablee reports Industries posted more video content and most saw a lift in actions per video

The biggest trend to come out of video in 2016 was live content. While there have been numerous attempts to own live social viewing over the years, this is the first time live video has happened with the audience scale to create real impact.  In the United States, live video actions increased a whopping 1,210% year over year. Currently live video comprises only 2% of all Facebook viewing, but is growing ten times faster than other types of content. In response to this trend, Shareablee recently launched Facebook Live video rankings.

Here are the top three live video posts All captured more than 1.8 million views and were related to the elections. Click on each image to view the post on Facebook:

Top Live Video Post

What's perhaps most notable about live video is the proportion of comments it warrants. Users are five times more likely to comment on a live video than another piece of content. Brands have been effectively mobilizing live video, particularly around Q&A or product launches, which creates a unique one-on-one experience with individual consumers.

"When it comes to videos, consumers are not even close to being tapped out," says Yuki. "They're really at the beginning of their appetite for this content, and the more you give them they're going to do exponentially more with that content. So it's a great time to continue to nail the format, experiment, adopt and put massive strides into platforms such as Facebook Live.

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