Vote on your favorite NCAA March Madness team this season with our March Madness Engagement Bracket

Published on Mar 16th, 2017


Now that 2017’s March Madness has come to a close we are excited to announce the most socially active team.

This years tournament winner, University of North Carolina, also topped the charts as the most socially active team. Between March 14th and April 4th, UNC captured over 2.4 million social actions and drove over 4700 actions per post. While not the largest audience, UNC’s actions per post were three times larger than the average team’s. Video made up 21% of UNC’s total content and 43% of all actions. It’s top post was an Instagram post of the UNC team members posing for a photo after the championship game. The post captured over 66 thousand actions.

Kentucky took the second spot driving 2.3 million actions. Video made up 11.6% of its total content and video actions made up 18% of total actions. Its top Instagram post was a video of a team celebrating a strong effort. The video captured 36 thousand actions. The top Facebook post was the same video and drove almost 30 thousand actions and 617 thousand views.

UNC’s final game was played against Gonzaga, while not in the top 5 most socially active teams, made the top 10 rankings even though it had the second smallest audience of all top ten teams, only 202 thousand fans and followers.

Below is an image of the most socially active teams. Check it out.

To Celebrate NCAA’s March Madness tournament, we’ve launched an exclusive partnership with OMNIGON, digital partners to many of the most important global brands in the sports, media and entertainment industries. Our first bracket will feature the first round of 64 teams and images of the team’s most popular posting to their social pages over the past 30 days.

We invite you to vote on which team will garner a higher social engagement- the team with the most overall likes, comments, shares and retweets on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Share the bracket with your friends and colleague as we guess which team will win the social internet. Don’t forget to tag #marchmadness!

There will be three opportunities to vote on the most engaged teams, the 64 Team, Sweet 16 and Final Four bracket, so follow along on our blog for updated voting opportunities.

To round off the season check back on this blog to see season highlights and recap of the tournament. You can check out previous season’s performance here too.

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