By Alla Byrne

Our recent webinar on the State of CPG Brands on Social revealed that CPG brands are making three big mistakes right now in their approach to social media reach and fan engagement. Our VP of Client Services, Naomi Kent and Consultant, Heidi Miller shared their insights into the best – and worst – CPG brand social media practices. When it comes to posting on Instagram, utilizing influencers and developing meaningful content, here are three simple things you can start doing now to improve your social actions rankings.

Using Instagram 

If your brand isn't on Instagram, you're missing a major social action opportunity. Since 2014, there has been 110% growth in post actions on CPG brands, with Instagram actions up a whopping 95%. While Instagram accounts for only 18% of social media posts for CPG brands, that content garners 46% of the actions across Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. What is perhaps most surprising is that only 52% of CPG brands are on Instagram, compared to 82% on Twitter and 99% on Facebook.

We now know that Instagram is where the action happens. But what makes brands successful on Instagram? For one, not repurposing Facebook content on Instagram. It's important to approach each social channel differently. Instagram is a place where images speak for themselves. In order to yield high engagement, you must have a strong visual message. If done well, text images can be just as strong as photos. Ben & Jerry’s Black Lives Matter post is a great example of text conveying a powerful message, which resulted in 40,000 Instagram actions.

Maximizing Influencer Deals

Do not underestimate the power of influencers to increase social lift. Need proof? Since 2014, influencer actions have grown by 50%. These Facebook examples of makeup artist Nikkie Tutorials for Too Faced Cosmetics and actress Taraji P. Henson for MAC Cosmetics show how influencers can work for CPG brands.


[caption id="attachment_3454" align="aligncenter" width="789"]State of Social CPG Influencer Influencer Examples[/caption]

Choosing the right influencer can improve brand relevance, extend reach, and help your brand find new audiences. However, not all influencers will have the same impact. It's important to research thoroughly to make sure the influencers "voice" is compatible with your brand’s character and identity. Shareablee’s influencer discovery product offers our CPG clients a data-driven approach to discovering and vetting the world’s top 125,000 influencers for key activities prior to engaging them in contracts.

Developing Meaningful Content

When it comes to social media content, don't post just for the sake of it. It's important to share content that will resonate with your audience by filling a social need – whether it be entertaining, funny, useful, DIY, inspirational or informative.

Consider a content series that might unfold as part of theme over the course of a month or so. Match content to the time of year or a holiday. Whether it be Thanksgiving or National Cat Day, there's always something or someone to celebrate.

Video continues to be a source of meaningful content. With the continued growth of Facebook Live, it's important to respect your audience and only present content that truly needs to be live. In addition, you always want to promote and announce Facebook Live content ahead of time and be mindful of when your target audience is available for live viewing.

Making these three changes will boost your social media actions. Want more? Take a look at Social Best Practices from the CPG Industry.


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