Using Real-Time Leaderboards: What we can learn from Sunday around the NBA

Published on Mar 28th, 2017

By Jill James

For a sports junkie like me, the DirecTV Mix channels that show eight concurrent sporting events are joyous television viewing. If you get those feelings about social media, it might be time to get a really big TV and set up a real-time leaderboard.

What does a leaderboard tell you? Leaderboards can provide a visualization of the activity on a set of related or competitive social media accounts over a period. They can also show you the velocity of activity on those accounts, or which posts on which platforms are emerging or falling off most rapidly.

Leaderboards are great for:

  • Benchmarking against your competitors

  • Following multiple accounts during an event like a live broadcast, sporting event, or TV episode

  • Tracking all of your reporters at a publisher or in a newsroom

As an example, let’s imagine you were sitting in the NBA’s social media hub. You have two great playoff team match-ups, the Oklahoma City Thunder versus the Houston Rockets and the Memphis Grizzlies versus the Golden State Warriors. How do you decide what to put on your social accounts?

You could play an equality game by featuring every team. But with a leaderboard, it’s not hard to figure out that you want to feature the Golden State Warriors. The Warriors outperformed every other team in the NBA in the last 24 hours with 560,000 social actions from 53 posts. They had 5% of the league’s total fans but 40% of the social actions. #DubNation is a highly engaged fan base, even for a Sunday game against the Memphis Grizzlies. The next team, the Rockets, were not even in the same atmosphere with 72,157 actions.

Here’s where the power of a leaderboard emerges. Although the Warriors took the day, the NBA managed to build the most engaged post. In real time, it’s easy to see that Warriors fans on Instagram were the most engaged. 220,000 of the NBA’s social actions came from a single Instagram photo post that tagged the Warriors, using a similar photo to the one featured by the team’s accounts.

By watching the day’s social actions in real time, the league would be able to decide which players and games will drive the most social actions.

Imagine if you were trying to decide which reporter to feature during a breaking news event, or which actor to promote during your Thursday night broadcast. Leaderboards can give you actionable insights within a few minutes, at a glance.

Just like those crazy TV channels, following real-time social media measurement data can be a bit daunting. But, you’ll quickly get hooked on what you can learn for engagement, content creation, and trending opportunities.

To  learn more about sports teams and sports media, sign up for our April 5 State of Sports webinar.


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