Improve Video Performance With Shareablee’s New Video Power Index (VPI)

Improve Video Performance With Shareablee’s New Video Power Index (VPI)

As video content continues to grow across industries, measuring and understanding performance has never been more important. Just last month, 33% of user engagement was on video content and that video content made up only 9% of total content posted across all platforms.

With this evolution in user behavior, companies need a better way to measure and evaluate video content strategies across companies and industries.
Shareablee is excited to announce the launch of the Video Power Index (VPI), our newest feature to help users showcase the performance of social video content. This new feature is available within our PowerRankingsTM module and readily allows you to see how your video content ranks within your industry.  

With Shareablee’s VPI you can now:

  • Measure the impact and effectiveness of your video content across all platforms;
  • Compare your video performance with the top performers within your industry;
  • Learn and plan video strategies that work best for your target audience.

Shareablee’s Video Power Index will finally give you the ability to compare and align your long term video strategy with the most effective video content in your industry to drive interest and engagement with your target audience.

To learn more about our VPI measurement feature, feel free to contact Shareablee’s Client Services Team (

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