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Published on Jul 10th, 2017

Since its launch at Facebook’s F8 Conference in April 2016, branded content has become a highly leveraged technique for generating brand awareness and audience reach. It is a creative tactic that allows you to connect with audiences of other brands who have a strong affinity you.

Just last month, branded content alone within the US, drove over 600 million views and over 15 million actions.  One of the top examples of this top performing branded content is “Rick & Morty is back Sunday, July 30” sponsored by The Real Cost. This alone drove 21 million views and 880 thousand actions.

With this new marketing approach, Shareablee is excited to launch our Branded Content explorer, our newest addition to Shareablee’s Content Explorer that gives users the ability to identify and analyze branded content throughout the Facebook Universe!

Shareablee’s Branded Content explorer allows you to:

  • Understand the performance metrics of your branded content

  • Have an overview of the brands you or your competitors work with

  • Benchmark performance of branded content against your competitors branded content

  • Discover new sponsorship opportunities and partners

Our Branded Content explorer will give you the ability to gain valuable insights into the top partnerships,posts and content, equipping you with the intelligence needed to achieve a competitive advantage in social media marketing.

To learn more about our Branded Content within our Content Explorer, feel free to contact Shareablee’s Client Services Team (client.services@shareablee.com)

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