Which Superheroes, Collectible Toys, Geek Celebrities and more are Winning the Race to Comic-Con?

Published on Jul 18th, 2017

San Diego Comic-Con, one of the largest geek culture events of the year, is just around the corner and every geek, nerd, gamer and fan across various fandoms are on the edge of their seats. The long wait for the latest announcements and reveals is almost over.

In honor of this celebrated event as well as Geek Culture Week, Shareablee has decided to embrace its own nerdery and track the social media performance of all the top geek brands to identify the most engaged celebrities and TV Shows by its amazing fans for H1 2017. To read our original write up in Forbes last week, click here.


Geek Celebrities

As YouTube and Livestream videos continue to be an important source of entertainment and information for this diverse fan base, geek celebrities have become a crucial part of the culture, generating huge audiences and revenues that have made creating fun videos into a thriving industry of its own.

At the top of the geek celebrity list, PewDiePie (aka Felix Arvid Ilf Kjellber) dominates with his long hours of gameplay entertainment, vlogs and predictably unpredictable reactions. As one of the first (tooberz) to stream commentary gameplay, he has acquired more than 83.7M followers on facebook, twitter, instagram and (¯\_(ツ)_/¯) through the years, generating 103.2M engagements across his social platforms for the first half of 2017. Following very closely behind is George Takei, an original Star Trek cast member, activist and comedic actor who generated 99.1M social engagements in H1 2017. George Takei also holds the highest video views at 1.6B, 70% more than PewDiePie. Markiplier takes the 3rd spot with 75.5M actions and Jack Septiceye at 4th with 56.2M actions.

With this chart, we can see how influential geek celebrities are, with 3 out of 5 focused on commentary gameplays (Let’s Plays) and vlogs. However, we are also glad to see an A-list Hollywood celebrity making the list at 5th place, Robert Downey Jr. with 45.1M in total engagements.


Today, Comic-Based franchises have become a huge driving factor in the entertainment industry, making up 3 out of the top 5 grossing movies of H1 2017. The Walking Dead completely dominates this category with 53.8M total actions on facebook, twitter and instagram, four times that of the runner-up, Riverdale, which generated 13.6M actions. The Flash takes 3rd place with 12.2M actions followed by Gotham at 4th with 7.6M actions. In 5th spot, we have the first comic-based movie in this list, Wonder Woman with 7M actions and 37.3M video views.


As for Fantasy/Sci-Fi themed TV shows and movies, franchises like Harry Potter, Star Wars, Supernatural and even Game of Thrones seemed to be the top contenders for social media fan engagement. However, Shadow Hunter, a demon/monster-hunting TV show produced by the Freeform network came in at number one for this year’s Comic-con. Shadow Hunter generated an impressive 53.2M social engagements despite having the lowest subscribed audience in the Top 5 list, at 3.2M followers. Star Wars takes 2nd place with 46.8M actions, followed by Teen Wolf with 35.4M actions across facebook, twitter and instagram.

Thanks to the long awaited Game of Thrones Season 8 premiering mid-July, the franchise took 4th place and generated 20.6M actions while holding the highest number of video views at 255.8M across Facebook and (¯\_(ツ)_/¯) for the Fantasy/Sci-Fi category.

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Written By:

Ron Lee and Anna-Michelle Lavandier

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