Shareablee Announces The Top U.S. Media Holding Companies In Social For H1 2017 With The Walt Disney Company At #1 For Overall Engagement.

Published on Aug 15th, 2017

New York, NY, Aug 15, 2017- Today, Shareablee announces the Top 10 U.S. Media Holding Companies who performed exceptionally in social for H1 2017.

Shareablee, Inc. reported that social activity for U.S Media in H1 2017 grew by 16% compared to H2 2016, along with a 33% increase in posted video content. Despite videos making up only 9% of total posted content, video actions accounted for 40% of total social actions, making it the most effective type of content for generating engagement and awareness.

The Walt Disney Company led the media industry with 1.9 billion (+10%) total actions. Despite a 1.5% drop in content post compared to H2 2016, The Walt Disney Company still saw an amazing growth in social engagement that is a result of their effort to produce more video content. TWDC increased their video content by 35% this year which led to a 47% increase in video actions. This makes video content a growing trend as TWDC’s video actions made up 42.4% of total actions, a huge increase from 33% of H2 last year.

Twenty-First Century Fox Inc. takes #2 position with 1.8 billion (+2.5%) actions and leading the industry with the highest number of videos posted. National Basketball Association takes the #3 spot while leading the media industry with the highest growth in actions and shares, generating 1.49 billion actions (+55%) and 44 million shares (+44%).

Turner Digital followed at #4 position with 1.47 billion (+54%) social actions, while leading the industry with the highest video actions at 879.9 million actions. They saw a 72.2% increase in video actions from H2 2016 despite an 18% decrease in posted video content this half, indicating that their success is attributed from highly engaging videos.

Comcast Corporation took the #5 position this year, generating 973.8 million actions (+2.8%) and can also be seen investing more effort into video as they increase their video output by 16.4%.

Other Notable Finding in H1 2017 Include:

  • Top Three Cable Networks: ESPN (964.1 million actions), Fox News (412.4 million actions) and CNN (307.7 million actions)

  • Top Three Print Publishers: Hearst (457 million actions), Advance Publication Inc. (362.3 million actions) and Time Inc. (358.7 million actions)

  • Top Three Digital Publishers: Bleacher Report Network (1 billion actions), Buzzfeed (664.7 million actions) and Group Nine Media (586.6 million actions)

  • Top Three Broadcast Networks: ABC (385.3 million actions), NBC (336.4 million actions) and Telemundo (247.5 million actions)

  • Top Three Sports Leagues: NBA (1.5 billion actions), NFL (713.9 million actions) and MLB (393.1 million actions)

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