Solar Eclipse Takeover on Social

Published on Aug 23rd, 2017

On Monday, August 21, 2017, the first total solar eclipse in almost a century was visible across the entire contiguous United States. The last time such an event happened was June of 1918. On this day, millions of enthusiasts headed for the rooftops and nature parks to witness this rare occurrence. However, for those who couldn’t make it, social media was filled with thousands of images and other content featuring the eclipse. This allowed for everyone to get a glimpse of this extraordinary phenomenon in front of their screens which generated over 22.3 million actions on FB, 5.3 million actions on TW, and 66.8 million actions on IG.

Live Videos

Live videos have become a critical part of social media marketing and engagement for huge events, media companies, and celebrities. People are able to watch live videos to enjoy a close-up experience of events and moments happening around the world with first-person immersion - and gain access to experiences they otherwise would have missed.  

NASA held the top eclipse content which featured a live broadcast on Facebook of the solar eclipse in North America from coast to coast at unique vantage points on the ground, including the International Space Station. This 4-hour coverage is the best performing solar eclipse content throughout Facebook, Twitter and Instagram generating more than 2.2 million actions along with 30 million video views on Facebook.

The New York Times had the most-viewed video of the eclipse. The live broadcast of the solar eclipse captured under modified telescopes generated moret than 8 million views.

“Fun Twist”

Celebrities and influencers were more dominant on Twitter and Instagram. Their top solar eclipse content on these platforms tended to have a “fun twist” to it.

Instagram’s top eclipse post was “Total Eclipse of the Heart”, a photo of Kim Kardashian with her 2 kids. With this twist, the post generated 3 million actions making it into the top 5 of Kim Kardashian’s 2017 Instagram posts.

Total eclipse of the heart

A post shared by Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) on

Twitter’s top eclipse tweet features hip-hop artist, Young Thug, who decided to crack a funny joke. His simple sense of humor dominated the eclipse conversation on Twitter, generating more than 170 thousand social actions.

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