VMA Edition: Staying Sharp on Social

Published on Aug 29th, 2017

Social media exploded over the weekend, filled with high emotions for music fans worldwide. Millions of fans were left either satisfied or exasperated and shared their feelings on social. At Shareablee, we followed this year’s VMA weekend to track the top performing content on social that generated the highest engagements and utilized the best practices on social.


MTV takes the stage for producing the top VMA contents on Facebook over the weekend, driving over 1.2 million engagements and 26 million video views on its Facebook content. They also produced the top three performing content on Facebook using the latest trends and practices on social.

The top three performing Facebook content for VMA weekend were all video posts. No.1 was MTV’s co-branded video post with Pepsi, featuring Demi Lovato’s VMA performance. This video generated 79 thousand actions and more than 3 million views, making it the most engaged and viewed content of this VMA weekend. No. 2 was a live stream of MTV’s Red Carpet Fashion Cam that generated 53 thousand engagements and 1.3 million views. No. 3 is an MTV video featuring Taylor Swift as a true VMA icon.

It’s no surprise MTV dominated VMA weekend on social. Unlike last year, where photos and regular video content performed best, live video and co-branded content were the ones leading the way to reach out to bigger fan bases and generating more engagement this year. As these social trends get picked up more often by huge media companies, we can safely bet that co-branded and live video content is now an essential component to increasing social media engagement.



MTV also dominated Twitter for its VMA coverage, taking the 1st and 3rd spot for top performing content of VMA weekend with videos of artists’ VMA performances, racking up 240 thousand actions.
Lauren Jauregui, an American singer from the group Fifth Harmony who won best pop video, takes the #2 spot. Her tweet, thanking VMA for a magical night, generated 61 thousand actions.


Instagram, on the other hand, was dominated by celebrities due to the platform’s nature of only producing short content and majority of its users being VMA’s main audience demographic. To no surprise, Ed Sheeran produced the top performing post over the weekend, generating more than 1.3 million actions with a picture of the “Artist Of The Year” award. The #2 spot is held by Hailey Baldwin, an American model who generated more than 620 thousand actions with her show-stopping outfit.

Overall, the biggest changes that we are seeing on social is the way celebrities and media companies have been using Facebook to generate engagement as co-branded and live videos have become the norm for social content. Rest assured, Shareablee will always be watching to update you on the latest and greatest on the evolving social landscape.


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