Shareablee's Pitch Distillery Revolutionizes Content Monetization

Published on Sep 5th, 2017

As the value of social inventory rises, true person-level behavioral insights become a critical factor in brand spending and decision-making. When selecting the right publisher and creator partners, brands and agencies need to know:

  • Which publishers have the most effective and efficient social reach?

  • Where brand audiences already spend their time on social, to inform partnerships

  • What the social footprint of TV program audiences means when it comes to monetizing TV inventory

Shareablee is excited to announce the launch of Pitch DistilleryTM, a revolutionary Audience Behavioral Planner that enables agencies, brands and inventory holders to plan and buy, as well as sell more effectively on social addressable advertising across all digital linear platforms.

For the first time, brands will have the ability to see how their customers are interacting with their pages and use those insights to optimize TV and/or digital campaigns globally, and across platforms.

With Shareablee’s Pitch DistilleryTM, you will finally:

  • Have metrics to prove the value and worth of social inventory for advertising and partnership opportunities

  • Have the ability to filter search and measurement properties based on company’s specific business KPIs.

  • Be able to evaluate and find the right partners who will reach your target audience.

Pitch DistilleryTM is designed for everyone; from brands, digital content publishers and advertising agencies, to cable networks, national broadcasters, local broadcast station groups and even television across programmatic platforms. This new product will give you valuable insights that is the first of its kind in social media measurement, revolutionizing the playing field for social media analytics and giving you the competitive advantage needed for evaluating partnership opportunities.

To learn more about Pitch DistilleryTM, feel free to contact Shareablee’s Client Services team ( or request a demo here.


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