Master Ad Strategy with Shareablees Paid Media Detection

Published on Nov 1st, 2017

You can’t talk about social media strategies without discussing paid content. As engagement and network saturation continues to increase, it has become a challenge for brands & publishers alike to reach the audience that they have spent years building. As a result, the utilization of paid media promotion has grown across industries.

This September, U.S. social properties generated a total of 2.2 billion actions with more than 2.6 million posts on Facebook. Within that, 21.5% of total actions were driven by paid media, even though paid media posts only made up 2.8% of all posts. That’s 481.8 million actions that were generated through paid media, with promoted post generating almost 10 times more engagement than organic posts.

While it is easy to track and measure the success of your own organic and promoted content, it is only a small aspect of defining your overall strategy. By understanding how others in the space are utilizing paid media within their campaigns, you can understand how related industries and your competitive set can use paid media within your social strategy. To date, paid media on social is still being viewed as a grey area for most brands & advertisers since there is no easy way to access this type of information.

The Challenge

While the use of paid media is growing, it only makes up an average of approximately 2% of all social media posts. Between the low volume of paid posts and sporadic engagement habits across industries, identifying promoted posts has been a challenge. To address this challenge, the data science team at Shareablee developed a machine-learning model to recognize Facebook posts with paid media behind it while reducing false classification.

Utilizing complete social data sets, our team of data scientists studied how users interact with organic content vs. paid content across industries. This new model applies various classification techniques, including neural networks, to build an accurate paid media recognition system.

Shareablee’s Paid Media Detection gives you the power to:

  • Understand how paid media is being utilized throughout the social space

  • Identify the top performing paid strategies for your analysis and social content planning

  • Ability to prove the value and effectiveness of paid media

If you’re looking to know more about social media measurement and analytics, contact us at or request a demo to see how Shareablee can guide you on your brand’s social media journey.

Written By:
Ann Sciandra, Product Manager
Sarthak Dasadia, Sr. Data Scientist
Ron Lee, Marketing Manager

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