Social Data And The Future Of The Connected Consumer

Published on Jan 4th, 2018

As we start the new year, we begin to ponder the increasingly important role social media analytics will play in informing brand strategies for the future. To discuss such topics, Shareablee held its very first Social Data And The Future Of The Connected Consumer event on Wednesday, December 6th at the Advertising Research Foundation in New York City.

The night kicked off with a presentation from Tania Yuki, Founder and CEO of Shareablee Inc. to examine the current trends in social media, the rise of the connected consumer and the changing nature of media viewing. This was followed by a product deep dive conducted by Ann Sciandra – Shareablee’s Product Manager – who provided an overview of Shareablee’s current vision and gave a sneak peak into the development plans for 2018.

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“This is one of the most exciting, yet one of the most uncertain times,” said Tania Yuki. “We have an absolutely unprecedented amount of information in which to understand the values, the hopes, the dreams, and the purchase intentions of pretty much the world’s online population, and we use our findings to determine what the new digitally connected consumer is really going to care about and what that means for television viewing, branded content and the future of advertising.”

A panel discussion featuring industry leaders from top brands, media companies and agencies followed this to discuss the future for social media. Included in the panel was Senior VP of Social Strategy and Solutions at Turner Ignite Frank Kavilanz, President of US at UNILAD Chris Puckett, President of IRI Nishat Mehta and Chief Digital & Marketing Officer of BroadSoft Taher Behbehani.

“I think 2018 is a continuation of a number of trends that we've been seeing over the course of the last few years,” said Nishat Mehta. “I think the two big ones for me are the ways to reach people through addressable advertising will continue to increase, and people's attention spans will continue to decrease.”

“I'm excited to see more media consumption in social media. I'm excited to see how much that will grow, how much more people will watch media and consume media in their newsfeed… I think that'll really shape the media world in the future,” said Chris Puckett.

“I think that there's a lot of discussion on optimizing media, programmatic and data and what not, but I think increasingly the use of insights to optimize content and creativity is a tremendous opportunity in 2018 that will complement all of the efforts that are happening in optimizing them,” said Frank Kavilanz.

The event concluded with a one-on-one interview between Tania Yuki and Irwin Gotlieb, the Global Chairman of GroupM and commonly referred to as ‘The King of Advertising’. During the interview, Irwin discussed how he got into the advertising space, technological advancements in advertising over the past fifty years and the misuse of ROI in the name of generating savings. Irwin then went on to discuss the importance of foundational marketing principles including the marketing funnel and the recency effect, his perception of the current deficit of product and brand development, the numerous opportunities for data in advertising and what the future holds for the industry. 

“Take comfort in the fact that the more things change, the more they stay the same,” said Irwin Gotlieb. “The difference between today and ten years ago is that today we have a granularity of data that allows us to identify every step of the consumer journey, which allows us to identify the purchase path and marketing plan... I think what we are talking about here is a merging of traditional media, planning, strategies, with an upgrade to the old direct response models.”

Watch the panel discussion and interview above to hear from some of the great minds in marketing and advertising today. Or, to find out more about our social media measurement and analytics, contact us at or request a demo to see how Shareablee can guide you on your brand’s social media journey.

Written By
Natalie Tyquin, Intern
December 19, 2017

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