Victorias Secret Generates 28% of all Retail Social Media Actions

Published on Apr 25th, 2018

Victoria’s Secret was the dominant retail brand on social media in 2017, receiving more than 352 million cross-platform actions (likes, comments, retweets, etc.) across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The lingerie brand’s total accounted for 28% of all cross-platform actions among retailers, according to the State of Social report from ShareableeUrban Outfitterswas the second-most-social retailer with 161 million actions (13% of the total), followed by:

Forever 21 with 123 million actions (10%);

Gucci with 110.2 million actions (9%);

H&M with 97.3 million actions (8%); and

Dior with 95.2 million actions (7%).

Retail brands as a whole attracted 17% of all followers across the three social media platforms and were responsible for 4% of all posts and tweets made during the year. The average number of cross-platform actions for retailers grew by 9%. Retailers increased their amount of content by 13%and were responsible for 8% of all social media actions.

Facebook appears to be losing ground among retailers and their customers. The estimated number of retail impressions on Facebook fell 33%, as did the number of Facebook actions. However, the average number of retail Twitter actions grew by 64%, while the number of Instagram actions rose 14%.

Across all industries, social engagement for the average U.S. brand grew 20% year-over-year, with engagement growing by a healthy 34% on both Twitter (from 2.5 billion actions in 2016 to 3.4 billion in 2017) and Instagram (from 30.2 billion actions in 2016 to 40.3 billion in 2017).

Source: Retail TouchPoints

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